Broomstick Crochet/Lace

We have a new course coming up on 2nd March, where we’re going to be introducing some eager crafters to the world of broomstick crochet.

Source: via YarnFest on Pinterest

It’s easier than it sounds, doesn’t involve sawing off heads of brooms (just a 20-25mm knitting needle will do!) and gives a lovely effect that can create some gorgeous throws, shawls, bags and, in one old book we have, a very attractive bed cape. It looks a bit like this one pictured (Image source Free Vintage Crochet – there’s a free pattern there too!), but more 70s.

So, as we’re getting excited about learning a new craft, we had a look at some blogs and tutorials on the web that can help us prepare. There’s a lovely one here at Occasional Crafter with great photos to help you through. There’s also some great patterns from Broomstick Lace/Crochet at Crochet Pattern Central including this lovely bright and colourful baby blanket.

Source: via YarnFest on Pinterest

But, of course, all the learning online doesn’t quite compare to the fun of learning with friends, and having a good gossip, some cups of tea and a few biscuits in the process. Our course runs on 2nd March, all day, with the big knitting needle provided and costs £45. If you’d like to register your place, just contact us. Hope to see you there!

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