Staff Profile: Jenni

scarfWhat goes on behind the scenes at YarnFest? What are we all doing with all this yarn? We asked Jenni, our marketing person, about her new found love of knitting and the other things she gets up to.

When did you first start to knit and who taught you? Although I loved my French knitting doll when I was little, I was pretty hopeless at knitting! So when I started working with YarnFest, it seemed like a great time to try again. I fell in love with all the gorgeous yarns and couldn’t help myself – I joined one of the beginners knitting courses and loved it.

What skills do you have? I can only knit. I’m sure my photography skills are improving taking photos of the lovely yarns for all newsletters and blog posts though!

What was the first thing you knitted? I knitted myself and my Mum a rather lovely phone case, then began to expand my skills on other tech items – including a nice iPad cover for my husband. He has never used it, but the thought was there…

What projects have you got on the go? At the moment I am attempting to knit a cat for my little boy. It has to look like Jess the Cat from Postman Pat so I am adapting as I go! Fluffy white yarn is a very tricky thing to knit with though, he may end up just a black, instead of a black-and-white, cat! I’m also planning what to knit next – I do have my eye on the Manos Alegria Superwash yarns, those colours are beautiful!

Manos Superwash AlegriaWhat do you get up to outside YarnFest? I look after my little boy, do a lot of cooking and baking and occasionally try and tend to my small unruly veggie patch. I’ve also joined Compton Players, a local amateur dramatics group – I’m looking forward to being in their next play in November!

YarnFest Staff Profile – Pam

PamEver wanted to know more about the staff at YarnFest? We asked Pam about her love of yarn, knitting history and activities outside the shop!

When did you first start to knit and who taught you?  I started to knit as a child, bearing in mind I’m 73! My mother taught me how to knit. Well, everyone knitted in those days, otherwise you wouldn’t have had anything. I even had a knitted swimming costume – you came out of the water and it was around your ankles!

What skills do you have? I only knit, but not proficiently. I’m not Elaine! I do this as I love the yarns, I love the people, and I love the Knit & Natter. The Knit & Natter ladies thought it was funny to see me with knitting needles for the recent Newbury Weekly News photos (above, with our charity scarf).

adriafil yarnsWhat are your favourite yarns at the moment? The new Sirdar range and Italian Adriafil yarns. They are beautiful, and the selection is gorgeous. They’re wonderful!

What projects have you got on the go? Nothing at the moment, but I’m thinking about it. I’m considering knitting something in the King Cole Opium yarn. It looks very summery and lacey. A lot of Knit & Natter ladies are making something with the yarn at the moment.

What do you get up to outside YarnFest? I read a lot and drink wine! I also go out with friends.

YarnFest Staff Profile: Elaine

Ever wanted to know more about YarnElaine YarnFest Staff ProfileFest staff? We asked our newest member of staff, Elaine, about her yarn-based skills, recent projects and hobbies outside the shop!

When did you first start to knit?

My first lesson was at Primary School, when I was seven. I can remember my first project very clearly – a coat hanger cover in royal blue, in garter stitch. I can remember thinking that the ball of wool looked like a banana – not like my mum’s at all! Other projects included a cravat, and socks in Junior School, and I never looked back from there.

What skills do you have? Apart from knitting, I am learning to crochet. It is a bit of an enigma to me, but I will not give in! I had my first lesson a month ago, and I have recently completed my first project, a snowflake to use as a gift tag at Christmas.

I can also knit Fair Isle, and can cross-stitch. For my first Goddaughter’s Christening I cross-stitched a Winnie the Pooh Alphabet, which took 18 months, from when the pregnancy was announced to finishing it on the morning of her Christening! She still has it on her wall today.

What else do you get up to? Golf – When I’m not at YarnFest, I’m on the golf course. I have one white hand, and one brown hand! I also like to cook, and I read knitting magazines and books like there’s no tomorrow.

King Cole Opium Scoop Neck TopWhat projects have you got on the go? I’m currently working on a golfing top/slipover for display in the shop, as well as a sample of the Colinette throw knitting kit. I also always have a pair of socks on the go!

I’ve recently finished the King Cole Opium scoop neck top in red (above) that’s displayed in the shop now. It won’t be there for long though, as it will be going on holiday to Gran Canaria with me soon!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the YarnFest staff profile! See you next month for more!